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This Year's Project: Blessing Bags

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At the Ability Tech Foundation, we don’t stop at inventing the latest technology – we know that families and caregivers need so much more. We are here to provide programs such as our Blessing Bags, CharitAbility and We All Have a Voice to help offer extra support they so often need. Because we know firsthand the obstacles that come with caring for an individual with needs, we do our best to never turn a family or individual away based on their financial or insurance status.

Current Project: Blessing Bags

Our project this year is for our Blessing Bag Program. Our Blessing Bags are a care package for parents/caregivers that experience an unexpected hospitalization of a loved one and more than 50 miles from home.

We wanted to share a quick story of a family and our Blessing Bags and the reason why they are so important to families like these.

“Oh, this brings so many memories flooding back of my husband and I sitting in strange hospital rooms, hours away with our epileptic son, with nothing but the clothes on our backs. No way to shower, or even brush our teeth. Stuck in a tiny hospital room for days on end. One time our son was life flighted over 2 hours away to the closest Children’s hospital after a really bad extended grand mal seizure, and my husband, left straight from work and drove there. He was stuck filthy, in dirty work clothes and muddy boots for 3 days there. I was stuck in pajamas. It was awful. Some of these things would’ve made our unexpected stay ALOT more comfortable.”

Our bags are filled with items such as hygiene kits, shower shoes, warm socks, water bottle, activity book, phone charger, coupons for food, and many other items. We currently serve 8 hospitals in 3 states. Hospitals and families are requesting bags at a rate that we can not keep up with. This shows us that families are in need of our program.

The cost per bag is $100 but provides both parents/caregivers with much needed peace of mind. Our goal is support over 200 families in 2023.

All it takes is a bag and a heart to give someone the blessing of being thought of while in a situation where most families feel alone. We need your help to spread this opportunity with your friend and family. With your help, we look forward to seeing how you and other work this exciting journey.  

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