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This Year's Project: Boy Scouts of America

Scouting is a year-round program uniquely designed to meet the needs of youth (both boys and girls) and their families. The program offers fun and challenging activities that promote character development and physical fitness. Family involvement is an essential part of the program, and parents are encouraged to play an active role in making the most of the short time they have to impact the lives of their children. Scouting is designed to be experienced outdoors. Hiking, camping, mountain biking, skateboarding, BMX, mountain climbing, kayaking, whitewater rafting—these are just some of a Scout’s outdoor experiences.

Current Project: Boy Scouts of America

Support Siouxland by supporting Scouting. Scouting benefits everyone as we help mentor good citizens for the future. In a Tufts University study the following results were found: ◾Gains were made in those six critical areas I mentioned above: cheerfulness, kindness, hopeful future expectations, trustworthiness, helpfulness, obedience ◾Scouts were more likely than non-Scouts to embrace positive social values. Ask a Scout what’s most important to him, and he was more likely to respond with answers like “helping others” or “doing the right thing.” Ask a non-Scout the same thing, and he was likely to say “being smart,” “being the best” or “playing sports.” ◾There were even variations within Scouting. For example, Scouts who attended meetings regularly reported higher character attributes than those who attended infrequently. In a nod to the importance of tenure, Scouts who stayed in the program longer reported higher character attributes.

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