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This Year's Project: transportation costs for transplant patients

About Our Organization

We are a non-profit organization that provides education and donor awareness for all patients needing assistance getting on donor lists, transportation to and from appointments before and after transplant. We also visit paitents in dialysis centers to lend support and help educate them as to their options. We support as many as we can both financially and emotionally.

Current Project: transportation costs for transplant patients

We provide patient transportation for Dr. appointments and to Sioux Falls, Omaha or if necessary, any location they might need for transplant. We would like to be able to expand our staff to handle more patient needs. With the recent Covid restrictions and rising fuel costs, it has not been possible for us to help as many people as we could. This money would help us help patients and their families through a very challanging time in their lives.

$234 Raised of $10,000 goal
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