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This Year's Project: WITCC Alumni Association Scholarships

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WITCC Mission

As a comprehensive community college, our mission is to provide quality education and to economically enhance the communities we serve.

Values & Guiding Principles

  • Student Learning - We value the personal, intellectual and occupational growth of our students.
  • Quality - We are committed to quality instruction and services to maximize student success and employer satisfaction.
  • Access - We provide access to the College by addressing student needs related to time, location and cost.
  • Diversity - We respect individual differences and strive to meet the needs in our diverse communities.
  • Lifelong Learning - We promote lifelong learning for personal and professional development.
  • Academic Freedom - We are dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and information which promotes our growth as an educational institution.
  • Shared Governance - We believe in shared governance and encourage our employees and students to contribute to the development of the College.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness - We are committed to continuous improvement and fiscal responsibility within our educational programs and College services.
  • Dedication - We value a workplace which promotes mutual respect and cooperation between the College and the employees.
  • Professional Integrity - We are committed to the high standards of ethics and integrity in our relationships, our professional activities and the performance of our duties.

Current Project: WITCC Alumni Association Scholarships

Our goal this year is to provide 10 scholarships to students attending classes at Western Iowa Tech Community College. 

We are incredibly proud of the students attaining their college degree at WITCC. Most of our students have complicated lives and have many responsibilities other than going to school. They have families, they have jobs, and some of our younger students contribute financially to their family incomes. It is not unusual for a WITCC student to be the first in their family to go to school. Some of our students have been laid off from their jobs and are looking to start a new career path. We are inspired every day by the determination of our students who are improving their lives through education.

Here are some personal testimonies from our scholarship recipients. 

My mom is a single parent with four kids. She can’t help us pay for college so I have to find my own way through.” - Victoria


“I have a dream of starting my own business. With this scholarship I can put money toward my business instead of student loans.” - Ashlee


“I received my CNA degree before I graduated high school. I have a dream of becoming a nurse and this scholarship will help me achieve that dream.” – Nathan


“I have met up with a lot of challenges in my life. I’ve worked hard in high school and will graduate with 18 college credits. This scholarship will help continue to change my life.” - Aliya


Would you please help us make more dreams come true and support the amazing students at WITCC? Fund a scholarship today!

Past Projects

  • Scholarships

    Western Iowa Tech Community College has a diverse student body made up of recent high school graduates, single parents, displaced workers, and veterans. For over 50 years now, WITCC has been educating these students into the driving force of our business community. We teach future business leaders, healers, designers and educators with the intellectual and technological skills they need to compete locally and globally. Please help us provide a quality education to more people in Siouxland by bridging the financial gap our students face each year. Your generous gift will be used for WITCC Foundation Scholarships and support the next generation of thinkers, doers, and problem solvers.

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Legal Name: Western Iowa Tech Community College

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