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This Year's Project: YFC Camp Scholarships for 10 At-risk Youth

About Our Organization

Youth For Christ exists to reach every 11-19 year old in Siouxland with the love of Christ, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners, to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus Christ and lead them into involvement with the local church. This is ultimately accomplished by adult leaders developing trusting and authentic relationships with young people through our local ministry programs. Youth For Christ envisions engaging with and helping 20% of at-risk 11-19 year olds in these relationships through an army of adult and student Christ-centered leaders. Every day at community teen centers, high schools, middle schools, juvenile institutions and local neighborhoods, Youth For Christ staff and adult ministry leaders meet with young people who are troubled, hungry and thirsty for a hope and a future. We desire to give life to their story through high energy and engaging: camp experiences, school campus clubs, on-site juvenile facilities clubs and at local neighborhood teen centers.

Current Project: YFC Camp Scholarships for 10 At-risk Youth

YFC Camp - "Where Everything Changes". YFC Camp is life changing for at-risk kids. Every winter and summer Siouxland Youth For Christ offers about 50-60 full scholarships for 11-19 year old at-risk kids in Siouxland. These scholarships average $450 per student and we are looking to fund 10 of these full scholarships for our upcoming 2020 Winter and Summer YFC Camps. We have kids already signing up on a waiting list.

The average kid who attends our camps and programs are at risk to high at risk middle school to high school students. They come from home environments experiencing one or no parent, domestic violence or abuse, and emotional, physical and financial neglect. They are highly at risk for and likely to be attracted to gangs, violence, drug abuse, abusive relationships and teen pregnancy.

YFC Camp scholarships provide kids a safe place to explore a healthy community and to open up about what might be going on at home and in their lives. The stories we hear at camp from kids sharing about home life are heart wrenching! They often disclose about self harming, suicidal thoughts, depression, abusive dating relationships, parents and siblings involved in gangs or incarcerated and unrelenting peer pressures. 

YFC Camp scholarships not only provide at risk kids a safe space to get away from everyday life, but YFC Camp scholarships also provide a challanging outdoor learning expereince these kids would never be able to afford given their economic situation. Once a kid arrives day one, they receive an assigned cabin and cabin leader, usually assigned with their school friends and leaders from back home. This provides opportunities to learn and build community, which they don't often receive back home. Community is built around their group activities, cabin life and table time. While at camp kids will experience:

  • creative games of learning to build trust and confidence
  • ziplining, swimming, archery, basketball or volleyball
  • a high energy club setting with music and skits
  • opportunities for worship, prayer and biblical discussion
  • rock climbing and water games
  • family style dining allowing kids to experience family dynamics 

All this in 4 to 5 days away from home. This is high energy with no time to feel homesick!

YFC Camp scholarships gives an at risk kid an opportunity to learn about God's love, to learn about and feel the love of Christ and to feel worthy in receiving this love. This is a gamechanger for the average at-risk kid as 40-50% of those attending camp make a decision to change their life. After camp we continue to follow up with these kids, continuing to build trusting relationships through our other ministry and mentoring programs. They come back and get involved in a Campus Life program at their school, a City Life program at a neighborhood teen center or begin a new mentoring relationship with a trusted adult.

These Siouxland kids are our future. They are looking for direction and guidance. They are looking to be mentored. A YFC Camp Scholarship can and is often the catylyst of life change needed in a kid's life. This investment of developing their understanding of being a future leader in their home, school and neighborhood can change a kid, a family, a neighborhood. YFC Camp scholarships give these kids an opportunity to genuilely feel the love of Christ and feel worthy of that love. And that can be all the difference in their world for life change.

You can make a difference by providing a $450 scholarship or a partial scholarship for an at-risk kid. Large or small, your investment into an at-risk kid is an investment in a life story. Give life to a kid's story. Give towards YFC Camp scholarships.




Past Projects

  • Youth For Christ Before and After School Programs

    Part of the weekly programming and services Siouxland Youth For Christ offers to over 200 11-19 year olds include before and after school programs in the 3 comunities of Hawarden, Le Mars and the Sioux City Near Northside along with 5 middle schools and high schools in these communties.

    • Our campus based before and after school ministry programs combine healthy relationships between students and caring adult leaders with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their peers, families and schools in a safe environment. The programming includes: snacks, creative games, lessons about relevant daily issues students face, small group trips, outdoor camp experieinces and so much more.
    • Our community based after school programs are an effective ministry model to transform the lives of urban youth, their families and the communities that they live in. These programs also combine healthy relationships between students and caring adult leaders with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their peers, families and communities in a safe environment. The programming includes: weekly family style dinners, snacks, creative group games, lessons about relevant daily issues students face, group trips, outdoor camp experieinces, sports and recreation and so much more.

    We have a current need for $8,000 to resource the food and supplies portions of these programs. For our campus based programs we specifically need to fund our snacks, games and small group trip costs. And for our community based programs we specifically need to fund our snacks, weekly dinners, sport activities and small group trip costs. Thank you for considering an investment into the life a young person, to give them and hope and a future.

$1,451 Raised of $4,500 goal
$0 $4,500
19 Donors
Legal Name: Siouxland Youth For Christ, Inc.

1807 Nebraska Street
Sioux City, IA 51105

(712) 255-9599

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