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This Year's Project: The Life Center

About Our Organization

Heartland Counseling Services, Inc., established in 1977, is a 501 c3, community behavioral health center that serves 11 counties in Nebraska with three offices that include Ainsworth, O’Neill, and South Sioux City. Our mission is to provide quality mental health and substance abuse services to the communities in which we serve. We provide multiple services that include outpatient mental health and substance abuse therapy, school based mental health, substance abuse prevention in the schools and Boys and Girls Club, crisis response team, intensive outpatient program, tele-psychiatry, DUI classes, day rehab program, community support, recovery support, and peer support programs. We serve individuals ages 3 to 103.

Current Project: The Life Center

The Life Center served 36 individuals diagnosed with severe persistent mental illness and/or substance abuse issues in the past year. Our goal for this funding is to assist these individuals with their recovery in a safe haven and provide them with alternative therapies to improve their mood. All of these individuals have been in traditional mental health counseling or talk therapy for years. We are requesting funding for the Circles Program, an alternative therapies approach which is often not available for those who struggle with severe mental illness due to cost. By providing yoga therapy, art therapy, YMCA group membership, and dietary education, individuals will be able to continue to experience these alternative approaches that they have experienced over the past year. Since the program started in March 2018, the individuals at The Life Center have completed the evidence based DSM-5 Cross Cutting Screening weekly. The screening measures overall mood and health. The overall results were significant and showed an 82% improvement in their overall health and mood in the course of 16 weeks. We would like to continue these alternative therapies to maintain or further improve the individuals overall mental health and well-being.

Past Projects

  • Heartland's School Based Mental Health Counseling

    Heartland Counseling Services, Inc

    Heartland Counseling Services, Inc.'s School Based Mental Health Counseling Program, called The Mariposa Project, is unique in that it is the only program in Northern Nebraska that offers mental health and substance abuse counseling in the school districts of Bancroft-Rosalie, Homer, Emerson-Hubbard, Oakland-Craig, Macy, Pender, Ponca, O’Neill, Lyons-Decatur, Wakefield, and community locations to anyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

    A healthy student has a better chance to develop skills, learn and succeed in school. Unfortunately, many students come to school with emotional and behavioral health challenges affecting their academic performance and overall health. Most often, the lack of available services in the community, the inability to pay for treatment, and the limited amount of mental health services covered through insurance places a strain on the schools and forces teachers and administrators to provide behavioral health support. By having a licensed mental health practitioner from Heartland in the schools, it relieves some strain on the school personnel and allows the students the help they need. The program's model helps remove any barriers that might prevent someone from accessing confidential mental health counseling.

    Students who are uninsured or underinsured are never turned away. Mental health practitioners are available to meet immediately with students in a school based setting convenient for the student. There are no delays, denials of, or approval from insurance companies for mental health care - the program's priority is to provide the care the student needs. Our mission is provide quality mental health services to anyone in our community, as well as, working with community partners; this program is exactly that.

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