We truly want to shout from the rooftops the names of those businesses that have supported our event either financially, or through providing goods or services:
Additionally, we'd like to thank the volunteers on the Big Give Committee of the Siouxland Community Foundation, for their time and energy into making this event a success.

2022 Partnership Opportunity:

The Siouxland Community Foundation is excited to host the fifth annual Siouxland Big Give on Tuesday, October 4, 2022. We stand ready to serve our community by bringing nonprofits, donors, and civic partners together during this 24-hour celebration of philanthropy.

In 2021, nearly 100 local nonprofits collectively raised more than $190,000 from over 1,300 unique donors. In the first four years, the Siouxland Big Give has helped nonprofits raise $527,000 to support organizations from all different sectors of our community. This phenomenal success is due largely in part to our generous partners and donors.

Our partners stand above the crowd to support capacity-building training opportunities, engage in targeted marketing efforts, and to create a robust incentive pool. Your support maximizes exposure and promotes incentives, which drives donations to the participating nonprofits.

Overall, your support demonstrates your commitment to our great community.

Your Support Will:

• Increase nonprofit exposure

• Create a robust incentive pool for nonprofit prizes

• Maximize community engagement between nonprofits, donor, and civic partners

• Demonstrate your commitment to the local nonprofit community

Partnership Levels




Presenting Partner


Significant, branded incentive contributions and prizes for nonprofits



Two Grand Prizes


Match Minutes


Golden Ticket


Donation Station

Premier Partner


Incentive contributions and prizes for nonprofits



Incentive pool funding


Strategic prizes


Grand Prize

Supporting Partner


Training, events, and promotion



Nonprofit training camp


Facebook Live Partner

Foundation Partner


Incentive contributions and prizes for nonprofits

Community Partner


In-kind contribution + incentive contributions for nonprofits

Media Partner


Promotion, advertising, and earned media + incentive contributions
for nonprofits

*The Siouxland Community Foundation reserves the right to use 5% of contributed funds to support Siouxland Big Give related operational costs. 

What is the Siouxland Big Give prize pool?

The Siouxland Big Give prize pool directly benefits participating nonprofits and is comprised of monetary incentives offered throughout the 24-hour giving day. The different matches, grand prizes, and strategic prizes help maximize exposure for nonprofits, which drives donations to their organizations.

Gain Exposure

During Siouxland Big Give your organization has the opportunity to be seen by thousands of people. Based on website traffic and the Foundation’s followers, your support will be recognized in a number of ways. Not only will your support show your commitment to nonprofits, but it will be a wise marketing investment for your organization.

Recognition Opportunities:

  • Logo visability on website, advertisements, and communications to nonprofits
  • Recognition before, during and after the giving day on social media
  • Media/Editorial exposure
  • Invitation to the Check Presentation Ceremony in November
*All benefits are subject to the level of sponsorship and determined by the Siouxland Community Foundation team.

Contact Our Team

The Siouxland Big Give is one initiative of the Siouxland Community Foundation. Our mission extends beyond a single day of giving – it builds on energy and excitement for our community year-round as we shine a light on the nonprofits serving our neighbors and inspire individuals to become philanthropists by supporting a cause that matters most to them. Your support makes this possible and helps create a community where people and place can thrive.

We would love to work with you to create a custom partnership that meets your needs. Call or email the Siouxland Community Foundation today to get started!


Katie E. Roberts, Executive Director
Siouxland Community Foundation
505 Fifth Street, Ste. 412, Sioux City, IA 51101
Ph: 712.293.3303  E: katie@siouxlandcommunityfoundation.org 

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