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This Year's Project: End the Demand

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The Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking (SCAHT) works to abolish all forms of human trafficking through education, advocacy and collaboration. Our efforts extend to the three states (Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota) which comprise Siouxland. We work closely with law enforcement, social service agencies, mental health programs, schools, and medical personnel. We provide trainings, share information, and serve as a resource on human trafficking. In 2018, SCAHT volunteers delivered 66 presentations to over 2600 individuals. SCAHT partners with Junior League of Sioux City to train area hotel and motel personnel on human trafficking awareness. SCAHT sponsors The Set Me Free Project to speak to middle and high school students in the Siouxland region on human trafficking prevention and holds social media awareness sessions for parents and other interested parties.

Current Project: End the Demand

End the Demand is a campaign to combat human trafficking by reducing the demand that fuels it. End the Demand focuses on two major initiatives: (1) Increase awareness that it is individuals seeking to buy commercial sex (demand) that perpetuates the human trafficking industry and (2) Expose Internet pornography as a driving force for human trafficking. The Siouxland Coalition Against Human Trafficking (SCAHT) will increase awareness of demand by participating in the soon-to-be released Iowa Attorney General's "End the Demand" effort, including purchasing billboards on major traffic routes in Siouxland in January, National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention month. In addition, SCAHT is hosting a multi-day pornography conference featuring internationally known speaker and author Dr. Josh McDowell on April 25 and 27, 2020. Dr. McDowell will address the impact Internet pornography is having on society, families, and individuals, especially children. The Coalition is alarmed that children are exposed every day to unwanted, unsolicited and unavoidable porn through on-line video games, social media, Kids YouTube, and simply by inadvertently mistyping a word while on their smart phone. Children may not be looking for porn, but porn is looking for them.  Viewing pornography fuels the demand for sex trafficking in several ways.  Nearly all men who buy sex from prostituted and trafficked women are pornography users.  Users often seek out what they have viewed in pornography.  Porn users demand a constant stream of new and increasingly violent content and new and younger porn “stars.”  Traffickers have capitalized on this demand by luring increasingly younger children into being trafficked.  The End the Demand campaign’s goal is to protect children and other victims from being exploited by human traffickers.

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