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This Year's Project: Play Therapy: Enhancing Access and Effectiveness of Mental Health Services for Youth

About Our Organization

Siouxland Mental Health Center's mission is “Making a difference in our community by making a difference in people’s lives”.  To do this, we provide mental health services and wrap around services. We are able to provide these services to anyone in need. Services that we provide include: psychiatry, therapy, art therapy, PCIT, Community Support Services, Integrated Health Home, Project Compass, Project Restore, School therapy, Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Peer Support, Friendship house, many groups, the Crisis center, and emergency funds through our Helping Hands program. We would love your support to continue to provide quality care to our patients.

Current Project: Play Therapy: Enhancing Access and Effectiveness of Mental Health Services for Youth

Our organization is committed to providing children and adolescents with the highest quality therapy services. To further this mission, we are developing mobile play therapy rooms for school-based therapists and updating our dollhouse for our new Child and Adolescent Center.


Our school-based therapists' mobile play therapy rooms will provide them with easy-to-use and engaging tools to facilitate therapy sessions in the schools. Each kit will contain a range of toys, art supplies, and therapeutic activities that promote emotional regulation, social skills, and cognitive development. The kits will be portable and adaptable, with features that allow therapists to customize the contents based on the unique needs of each child or group of children. These mobile playrooms aim to improve the accessibility and quality of mental health services for children and adolescents in school settings and to support school-based therapists' professional development and effectiveness.


Our new Child and Adolescent Center has a dedicated room for play therapy. We are looking to update the dollhouse to provide a better experience for play therapy. A dollhouse is often central to a child's imaginative play. It serves as a tool for solving conflict, expressing emotion, and developing interpersonal skills. Our new dollhouse will be open-sided to make it accessible and allow better communication between the child and therapist. 


This project represents our commitment to providing children and adolescents with the highest quality therapy services. We are excited to see the impact these mobile play therapy kits and a new dollhouse will have on the lives of children and families in our community.

Past Projects

  • IT Infrastructure

    Project Details

    Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, many organizations have had to change how they deliver services to those in need. Not only has the pandemic had a major effect on physical health, it also has greatly affected mental health. Due to this Siouxland Mental Health has increased the need of telehealth services to help better service our clients. This year we are focusing our project on helping us increase our IT infrastructure, so we are better equipped to serve our clients. Our mission is "Making a difference in the community, by making a difference in people’s lives" and without the generosity of donations from the Siouxland Big Give we are not able to continue in our mission to make a difference. 

  • Siouxland Mental Health

    Project Details

     Siouxland Mental Health is hoping to raise $3,000. With these funds we are going to purchase two new scales. One will be a new standing scale. The second scale will be a handicap scale. This will allow us to get wheelchairs on to, or for those people who have other issues and may not be able to use a regular scale. We are also going to use the funds to put in a baby changing station in the men’s room to help accommodate our male patients who may have to bring their small children. Last we would like to use funds to improve our landscaping in the front of the main clinic. This will help with overall client experience as they come to our clinic.  We would like to continue to make small improvements to the clinic to accommodate all of our clients and to make it a welcoming and comforting atmosphere.

$1,225 Raised of $1,865 goal
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