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This Year's Project: Road to Mbuguni

About Our Organization

STEMM is a multi-faceted Christian ministry seeking to transform lives in Siouxland and Tanzania through our dedicated partnership together in serving the needs of others with Christ-like care, commitment, and compassion.

Current Project: Road to Mbuguni

One of many projects we are currently working on is repairing the road that leads to STEMM village in Mbuguni, Tanzania. This road is a lifeline to STEMM and the orphans that call STEMM village home. In its current condition the road is coated with a foot of very fine dust nine months out of the year, and the other three months it is mostly impassable. The rainy season destroys the road and causes many areas to wash out completely. The only way to get to our medical clinic is by way of this road which makes it very dangerous for our kids with sickle cell disease and HIV. Many other local kids also use this road to walk to school every day. Our goal is to raise $20,000 so that we can have a team with heavy equipment come in and smooth out the road and dig drainage ditches along the side of the road. We will then put a crushed concrete layer on the top of the road that acts as a hardener so that the road will withstand the rain and make this road easily accessible all year long.

Past Projects

  • STEMM Children's Village

    Famine, poverty, AIDS, and disease in the nation of Tanzania have contributed to a growing epidemic of homeless, orphaned children.  Without help, these children are destined to a future of hunger and hopelessness.

    In response to that need, STEMM has purchased land and built STEMM Children's Village with homes to provide a "family" to those who have none.  We began with two homes, but they are now full, and there is a waiting list of desperate children still in need - enough to fill two more homes.  So, we are in the process of building again!  The construction funding has already been committed, thanks to generous donors.

    Our present goal, then, is to raise the necessary funding to continue to provide care for our current children, as well as those who will be joining them once the new homes are built.  This includes food, clothing, mamas and aunties to care for them, school fees, healthcare, and so much more.  STEMM children don't feel like orphans in an institution, they feel like brothers and sisters in a family.  And that's the way it should be, because every child deserves a family!

$133 Raised of $20,000 goal
$0 $20,000
7 Donors
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